Our low-cost, family friendly festival of Games and Gaming returns for 2020, bigger and better than before.

This January The Place Theatre throws open the doors to kickstart the new season with a big bang of fun for all ages.

We’ve got retro computer games all over the foyer, allowing mum and dad to engage in some healthy rivalry with the kids on their favourite consoles from their youth.

The team from Ghost Valley RC are back with their live action remote-controlled car Mario Kart on a brand new track.Bedford Board Gamers and Ready Steady Roll will be filling spaces throughout the weekend offer a chance to immerse yourself playing some of the best and most exciting tabletop games for players from 6-106 yrs old. Our Role Play Games group will be there promoting all the joys of classic pen and paper tabletop gaming, with Dungeons & Dragons, and a whole heap of other great games.